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本文摘要:The COVID-19 pandemic has had a large effect on worldwide media.新冠肺炎大盛行对全球媒体发生了庞大影响。There is some increased censorship and harassment of reporters in several countries.在一些国家,对记者的审查和骚扰有所增加。


The COVID-19 pandemic has had a large effect on worldwide media.新冠肺炎大盛行对全球媒体发生了庞大影响。There is some increased censorship and harassment of reporters in several countries.在一些国家,对记者的审查和骚扰有所增加。But there is also a growing belief in the importance of truthful reporting, media experts say.但媒体专家表现,也有越来越多的人相信真实报道的重要性。

In early December, the World Press Freedom Conference met online to discuss problems facing reporters.12月初,世界新闻自由大会在网上召开以讨论记者面临的问题。It said some small news organizations were forced out of business and reporters in some countries have faced threats.大会表现一些小型新闻机构被迫停业,一些国家的记者也面临着威胁。But the group said the main problem for the news industry was an "avalanche" of disinformation.但该集会表现,新闻行业的主要问题是大量的难以抵制的虚假信息。

"Now more than ever we need news we can trust," said Jesper Hojberg.杰斯珀·霍伯格说:“现在比以往任何时候都更需要我们可以信任的新闻”。He is executive director of the Denmark-based nonprofit International Media Support (IMS).他是丹麦非营利组织国际媒体支持(IMS) 的执行董事。He spoke in a video to the members.他在一段视频中向成员们揭晓了讲话。

He also said that the need for truthful information has shown the public the "importance of critical, reliable information."他还说,对真实信息的需求向民众讲明了“关键的、可靠的信息的重要性”。Some emergency measures taken because of the spread of COVID-19 have been used to restrict the media this year.今年,由于新冠肺炎的流传而接纳的一些紧迫措施被用于限制媒体。The group IMS assists media in countries affected by conflict or insecurity.IMS组织资助受冲突或不宁静影响的国家的媒体。

It contacted its partners to get an understanding of what is happening to press freedom in their countries.它联系了它的互助同伴以相识他们国家的新闻自由遭遇了什么。"We've been very conscious of the importance of fully understanding how COVID-19 has affected…the reality of our partners,"“我们一直知道充实相识新冠疫情如何影响我们互助同伴的现实的重要性,”Hojberg told VOA.霍伯格对说。The IMS findings showed both good and bad effects on the media, including an increase in readers and listeners.IMS的研究效果显示了疫情对媒体有好的和坏的影响,包罗读者和听众的增加。

Hojberg said his organization has seen officials "blocking webpages that are trying to provide a different information reality."霍伯格说,他的组织看到官员们“屏蔽了试图提供差别信息现实的网页”。But the IMS also saw a slow, but steady increase of trust in media and civil society但IMS也注意到,人们对媒体和公民社会的信任也在缓慢但稳步地增加,as citizens looked for information they were unable to get from government officials.随着公民寻找无法从政府官员那里获得的信息。The media has experienced job losses and closures during the pandemic.在大盛行期间,媒体履历了失业和关闭。

Support for the media industry is part of a separate project by UNESCO and World Association of News Publishers.对传媒业的支持是教科文组织和世界新闻出书商协会一个单独项目的一部门。Those organizations said in a joint statement that这些组织在一份团结声明中表现,the "decimation" of solid, truthful reporting in many areas of the world is "a growing threat."在世界许多地域可靠、真实的报道遭到“大量破坏”是“一个日益严重的威胁”。

Guy Berger is director of freedom of expression and media development at UNESCO.盖伊·伯杰是团结国教科文组织言论自由和媒体生长主任。He told VOA the project is a way to help local media during the digital age,他对表现,该项目是在数字时代资助当地媒体的一种方式,but also to assist with the COVID-19 pandemic's effect on local economies.同时也有助于应对新冠疫情大盛行对当地经济的影响。The project covers many different news providers, including broadcast, community radio and news websites.该项目笼罩了许多差别的新闻提供方,包罗广播、社区广播和新闻网站。The aim is to mainly deal with countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia, Berger said.伯杰说,该项目目的主要是与非洲、拉丁美洲和亚洲国家打交道。

"We will be looking at the markets, audiences, regulations, as well as the business and journalistic practices of individual media," Berger said.伯杰说:“我们将关注市场、受众、法例以及小我私家媒体的业务和新闻实践。”He added that they plan to have the research completed by the first half of 2021.他增补说,他们计划在2021年上半年完成这项研究。The research will lead to policy recommendations to help develop a strong and independent media environment, Berger explained.伯杰解释说,这项研究将提出政策建议,资助建设一个强大而独立的媒体情况。UNESCO will also partner with a working group under the Forum on Information & Democracy.教科文组织还将与信息与民主论坛下的一个事情组互助。

Several other organizations were working on the same issue so it made sense to cooperate, Berger said.伯杰说,其他几个组织也在研究同样的问题,因此互助是有意义的。"The two groups will inform each other about their work,他说:“两个小组将相互交流他们的事情,as well as other stakeholders in the media development community.以及传媒生长界的其他利益相关者。

UNESCO will be an observer at the working group," he added.团结国教科文组织将成为事情组的视察员。”他增补道。

The pandemic has revealed the importance of ensuring that local media survives.新冠疫情大盛行讲明了确保地方媒体生存的重要性。"I think some of the media that we work with also have gained a completely new sense of purpose," said Hojberg, of the IMS,IMS的霍伯格说:“我想与我们互助的一些媒体也获得了一个全新的目的感”。adding that having independent media during such a crisis is "extremely important."他增补说,在这样的危机中拥有独立的媒体是“极其重要的”。